Why buy from Appliance Warehouse?


By René de Beer – 3 May 2021

Everybody buys online nowadays, and everybody wants the best.


We are the only warehouse in Centurion and surroundings, to sell Box Damaged appliances. The only thing about Box Damaged and Demo/Display appliances, is that we do not ship them – due to clients’ expectations of what they are, and how they look. They can look pretty on the internet, but the actual product is what it says: Box Damaged.

Box Damaged or Demo/Display appliances are new, but with slight cosmetic damages. Sometimes only the boxes are damaged, and the product inside is intact. And sometimes the appliances are slightly damaged themselves. They still carry a warrantee, though. We do not ship any of them, because the expectation of the receiver, is to get a brand new product as the pictures are on internet or on Google.

Anybody is welcome to browse our product on the website, or come to our shop and buy in-store. Our friendly staff will gladly assist!

Thank you, to our loyal clients – they make our lives way easy!

The Appliance Warehouse Team


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